Dupont Stone Sealer and Enhancer Review 

 August 8, 2020

By  Dale Keese

Natural stone is an elegant, beautiful addition to any part of your home. Commonly used in kitchen sinks, countertops, and bathrooms, natural stone will increase the value of your home and add an instant glamour wherever it’s placed. However, many homeowners are hesitant to use natural stone because they think it could be expensive and time-consuming to maintain.

The truth is that natural stone surfaces are worth the investment, and maintenance really isn’t all that difficult. You just need to have the right sealer with you. 

DuPont Stonecare Stone Sealer & Enhancer

Source: dupontstonetech.com

Stone is naturally porous, which means that it easily absorbs bacteria from liquids and food particles in your home. If you don’t seal stone floor tiles or your kitchen countertop, these surfaces are exposed to so much wear and tear already that you’ll only end up with damaged, unsightly stone. 

Sealing stone surfaces is necessary for giving it protection from foreign substances. When these are absorbed by the stone, it weakens it and can even cause bacterial growth. 

That’s not even including the aesthetic of natural stone, which ends up getting ruined. What was your costly stone investment for, if it is no longer functional nor beautiful to look at?

That’s why there’s Dupont Stone Sealer and Enhancer; it does the job of sealing (for protection) while enhancing your stone’s beauty. This two-in-one product is a time and money saver for many reasons, so it’s no surprise that it’s the homeowner’s solution of choice when it comes to natural stone.

Dupont has a terrific line of sealers, and this is one of their best. Made specifically for slate, flagstone, limestone, and travertine, its two-in-one formula is made to deepen the beauty of stone and provide long-lasting protection from stains. The water-based formula is also safe to use on grout.

This is the number one enhancer sealer out there if you are faced with dull and fading stone. Sometimes, giving them a good clean just isn’t enough to restore its beauty, especially if the stones are placed in areas of high traffic in your home.

Whether it’s the tiles in your bathroom or the stones in your kitchen counter, these are all areas that we use on a daily basis at home. It’s always in our best interest to keep them clean because cleanliness is necessary for preventing invisible bacterial growth.

Aside from that, we also want to preserve the stunning textures of stone. They come in different colors and textures, all of which can degrade over time. 

The nature of your slate, limestone, travertine, and flagstone means that it’s just as prone to wear and tear through the years, just like everything else. But it won’t show as long as you give it some TLC through the use of Dupont Stonecare Stone Sealer and Enhancer as a precautionary measure.   

Let’s talk about its water-based formula: Dupont Stone Sealer and Enhancer, unlike other sealers that are solvent-based, makes it much easier to apply. All you need is an inexpensive sprayer and you’re good to go.

They are also non-flammable and don’t come with the strong odor that solvent-based cleaners are notorious for. DIY stone sealing projects just don’t get simpler than this!


There are many reasons why homeowners trust Dupont's Stone Sealer and Enhancer above others, but primarily because of these benefits:

  • Effective in revitalizing dull and faded stone
  • Safe for grout
  • 2-in-1 sealer and enhancer formula works to deepen the natural beauty of stone while protecting it
  • Perfect for slate, flagstone, limestone, travertine

This sealer-and-enhancer-in-one is cost-efficient, too: 1 quart is enough for sealing as much as 65 square feet of the surface.

What People Are Saying

Dupont Stonecare Stone Sealer and Enhancer is a professional-grade product; it’s what the professionals trust so homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that it’s a high-quality sealer that does its job.

But we wanted to understand specifically what customers thought about it after using it, so we assessed reviews online.

Based on feedback, customers say that this sealer does a great job at sealing and makes wiping down water so much simpler because it beads up. They also marvel at how great their tiles and natural stone look after application, some even say that it’s looked better after sealing than before. 

Some people have even said that they liked the odor, making it pleasant to work with. Anyone who’s worked with a toxic solvent-based sealer in the past will tell you that the odors can make or break a DIY sealing experience.  

But there were some homeowners who noticed that it didn’t work on flagstone; just be sure that you are following the manufacturer’s directions. 

All in all, it seems like Dupont Stone Sealer and Enhancer is the number 1 trusted sealer and enhancer in one! Trust the reviews - and trust the experts.

Buying Advice

Why let your beautiful stone and grout go suffer from the damage caused by exposure to liquids, solids, foot traffic, and wear and tear? There really is no need to, as long as you use Dupont Stonecare Stone Sealer and Enhancer ahead of time.

Thankfully, this product is affordable and easily available on online sellers such as Amazon. With a few clicks online, you can have this product delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

Final Verdict

If you invest in natural stone, sealing them regularly helps maintain its luster while increasing its longevity. Sealers already act as a protective layer, while making it easier to clean.

It’s a no-brainer to use Dupont Stone Sealer and Enhancer because it does the job well.

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