Ghostshield Countertop 880 Concrete Countertop Sealer Review 

 April 19, 2021

By  Dale Keese

Concrete has become increasingly popular as a choice for kitchen countertops these days.For some, concrete countertops may be trendy but they are actually extremely durable and add a touch of elegance to a contemporary kitchen, especially if you’re into the industrial aesthetic. Aside from that, homeowners can also customize their concrete countertops through etching, stamping, acid staining, and sealing among others.

Ghostshield Countertop 880 Concrete Countertop Sealer

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Stylish yet functional, it’s easy to see why more homeowners are turning to beautiful slabs of concrete for their countertops. 

There are many other benefits to using concrete for countertops: it’s impervious to heat, can resist scratches, and can even increase the value of your real estate.

Perhaps, more importantly, is the fact that concrete is low maintenance. They are easy to clean and will last a long time, provided that you’ve sealed it. Sealing, at least annually, will help make sure that its surface is stain-resistant while decreasing the chances of it cracking

Ghostshield Countertop 880 Concrete Sealer does a superior job at sealing concrete countertops. This solvent-based sealer works so well thanks to an oleophobic additive, which is made to repel fluids. Aside from that, the oleophobic additive also makes clean-ups a breeze while resisting staining. 

If you’re a homemaker who enjoys spending time and entertaining in the kitchen, Ghostshield 880 Concrete Countertop Sealer is your new best friend. Sealing with this product doesn’t change the look of the concrete; instead, it enhances its beauty and doesn’t become glossy.

If there’s anyone who knows about sealers, it’s Ghostshield. Ghostshield specializes in all kinds of sealers, so it’s no surprise that it has become the trusted brand name among professionals, contractors, and homemakers alike. 

Ghostshield 880 Concrete Countertop Sealer will increase the lifespan of your concrete countertops and make cleaning so much easier. It’s also a scratch-proof formula: it won’t peel, bubble, or flake. 

Since the formula is food-safe, there’s no need to worry about risking you or your family’s health. After all, what good is a countertop sealer if it contains toxins that are harmful to you? Go on and use your hot plates, pans, or pots on your concrete countertop after sealing. It resists heat, too! 

With all the awesome benefits of this concrete countertop sealer, we know it’s easy to lose track of them. Here’s a rundown of why you should consider this product:

  • Solvent-based formula: Made with an oleophobic and hydrophobic additive, water and fluids are repelled effectively
  • Makes cleaning a breeze
  • For use in interior and exterior concrete countertops
  • Ideal for honed marble, travertine, natural stone, slate, grout, and tile 
  • Turns your concrete countertops into stain-fighting surfaces
  • Doesn’t change the appearance of your surfaces
  • The formula is made to chemically and physically bond with substrates to increase its lifespan
  • Makes your concrete scratch-proof
  • Doesn’t bubble, peel, or flake
  • Decreases the risk for mold, mildew, and other organic growth
  • Breathable formula
  • Low VOC

Overall, this is a terrific choice for a concrete countertop sealer. It does everything that you need it and none of those that you don’t.

If you still need some more proof that Ghostshield Concrete Countertop Sealer is an exceptional countertop sealer, then its good to know that it has been tested and has shown to have met or exceeded standards in the following:

  • Etching
  • Stain repellency
  • Scratch resistance
  • Water penetration
  • Heat resistance

How Much Concrete It Can Seal

Ghostshield’s 880 Concrete Countertop Sealer comes in a 1-pint (16 oz.) container which is enough for sealing 50 square feet per coat.

How To Use

Before applying Ghostshield Concrete Countertop Sealer, it’s imperative that you prepare your countertop properly. This means new green concrete should be cured prior to application or allowing it to reach 80% of design strength which occurs 14-28 days after curing.

Next, clean the surface thoroughly to ensure that it is free from dirt, oil, wax, grease, paint, efflorescence, previous sealers, curing compounds, or other types of contaminants that could affect how Ghostshield Countertop 880 Concrete Sealer penetrates the surface.

If needed, you may have to acid etch, mechanically scarify, or power wash the substrate to make sure that it is in the right condition for applying Ghostshield Concrete Countertop Sealer. If you use an acid wash for cleaning, it’s necessary to neutralize the concrete surface by rinsing with water then allowing it to dry before applying the sealer. 

The moisture content of the surface zone should not be more than 4% wt. As a general rule of thumb, don’t apply a sealer if the water is still visible. 

Additionally, temperatures of the surface and air shouldn’t be below 40F or above 95F when applying. If you are expecting inclement weather within 12 hours of application, postpone the application of the sealer to another time. 

When it’s time to apply Ghostshield 880 Concrete Countertop Sealer:

  1. 1
    Test a small area and allow it to dry. Wait 5-7 days to inspect it.
  2. 2
    If the aesthetic, coverage, and performance pass your standards, then it’s time to apply. Mix the formula thoroughly before and during application.
  3. 3
    Do not dilute the sealer.
  4. 4
    Use a low-pressure and non-atomizing spray or a solvent-resistant roller to apply. Allow the first coat to settle and penetrate; this normally takes around 10 minutes.

If you need to apply a second coat, make sure to do so wet-on-wet, which means that the second coat is applied before the first coat has dried. This way, you’ll also need less sealer for the second coat. 

Should rain fall, stop application then cover any impregnated areas.

What People Are Saying

Ghostshield Countertop 880 Concrete Countertop Sealer is the countertop sealer of choice for those in the know. But customer reviews are everything, so let’s check out what people had to say after using this sealer.

Based on feedback we saw online, customers find Ghostshield Concrete Countertop Sealer really easy to use. They say that it’s effective, too, since a day after it was applied, no leakage was observed.

Some customers have even said that Ghostshield Concrete Countertop Sealer is the best sealer they have ever used for concrete countertops. Since most people don’t want their concrete to be shiny or glossy, this is the ideal product to use if you want to preserve the elegant, industrial look that concrete lends.

Customers also love the fact that cleaning up is so much easier. 

However, a few customers wrote that there is quite an odor to bear with when applying though the smell disappeared a few hours after application. 

Overall, most homeowners are impressed with the performance of Ghostshield Concrete Countertop Sealer. It seems to be the sealer to go with, and you have peace of mind knowing that it does work well.

Buying Advice

Few things can be more heartbreaking than seeing your precious concrete countertops ridden with cracks and stains that are difficult to remove.

The good news is that you can prevent this from happening in the first place.

Be one (big) step ahead by sealing your concrete countertops with Ghostshield Concrete Countertop Sealer. Give it the protection it deserves instead of waiting until something happens. 

Ghostshield 880 Concrete Countertop Sealer is available at an affordable price online from numerous online retailers including Amazon. If you buy it today, it can be shipped to your doorstep within just a few days.

Final Verdict

Though concrete is a beautiful, elegant choice for kitchen countertops, it doesn’t come cheap. 

It’s certainly pricier than other types of surfaces commonly used in countertops, but homeowners choose it for a reason. Whether it’s aesthetics, durability, or functionality, concrete countertops, when well-maintained, will last you a long time and prevent the headaches that come with messy cleanups.

Ghostshield Countertop 880 Concrete Countertop Sealer is the only sealer you’ll need to make sure that your concrete investments last you a lifetime. 

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