Latex Ite Crack Filler Review 

 June 23, 2020

By  Dale Keese

Cracks in your blacktop driveway are inevitable, and they can be tricky to repair. However, if you ignore these cracks, water can end up entering them and penetrating its gravel base. Eventually, water will enter the soil found below the blacktop, and mud can rise up into the gravel.

When this happens, the presence of mud lubricates gravel and will result in a shift whenever vehicles drive across your blacktop driveway. 

Latex Ite Crack Filler

Source: latexite.com

Cold climate can have horrible effects on this damage, especially during rainy weather. Water can end up filling up the crack, and when temperatures go below 32F, water freezes and expands as much as 9% in volume. This expansion can do even more damage to your blacktop driveway. The crack can expand and make your driveway completely unusable.

For this reason, it’s extremely important to fill black top cracks.

The Latex-Ite Crack Filler was created to solve this problem. Thanks to its innovative formulation that uses Acrylic Latex Rubber and Vinyl Polymers, this blacktop crack filler makes your blacktop driveways more durable while increasing its lifespan.

Unlike other cold pour crack fillers, this one has a quick-drying additive that speeds up drying and curing. It was made for filling blacktop cracks that are up to 1/2 inches wide. If you have never filled blacktop cracks before, don’t worry because it’s extremely simple to use.

Latexite is a company that produces top-quality sealers and fillers that protect your investments. Since you no longer need to hire professional workers to do the job, you get to save tons of money by doing repairs on your own using products that the pros use. 

Latex Ite Blacktop Crack Filler is no different: it has been fortified with asphalt and latex binders to create an impressively strong bond. 

It’s a low-VOC formula too, which means that it’s safe for you and the environment. Far too many crack fillers in the market are chock-full of toxins and have a strong odor, making it not only difficult to work with, but dangerous as well.

How To Use

Latex Ite Crack Filler is simple to use. Before you get started, clean your blacktop crack and ensure that all grass, dirt, and debris is removed. If you have used a crack filler in the past, it’s also best to remove it.

Shake the bottle thoroughly before use, then cut the applicator tip open. When cutting the tip, make sure that it’s a little smaller than the crack’s width. 

Keep in mind that it has already been pre-mixed so there’s no need to dilute it.

If you are working with deep or large cracks, the manufacturer recommends using a trowel patch. They make one as well if you don’t know where to start. Alternatively, you can also use a backer rod or sand to fill larger cracks. 

Latex Ite blacktop crack filler is best applied when temperatures are at least 55F and expected to go higher. It is never recommended to let the filler freeze. If you are expecting rain for 24 hours, do not fill your cracks.

What People Are Saying

Homeowners who prefer to do the job themselves choose Latex Ite Crack Filler because it saves you much more money. We wanted to see why this was a top choice among homeowners, compared to other similar products in the market.

Based on reviews, customers are raving about Latex Ite blacktop crack filler. They say that it works effectively and fills cracks without any problems. They also noted that as long as you don’t apply it too thickly, Latex Ite works exactly as promised and made several homeowners very happy with the results. 

However, some customers say that this product works well just for thin cracks. The manufacturer does explicitly say that it should not be used on cracks greater than ½ inches wide, so it’s ideal to keep that in mind before you buy this filler. 

There were also some customers who weren’t too happy about finding out that the end results are too shiny. The filled area called too much attention for its shine compared to a matte black driveway.

As long as you follow the manufacturer’s directions, there should be no issues encountered when using Latex Ite Crack Filler. It’s the only solution you need for filling blacktop cracks.

Buying Advice

Cracks on your your sealed blacktop driveway can be a serious nuisance. Leave it for too long, and it can become an expensive problem to repair.

But when you have a product like Latex Ite Crack Filler, it can give you peace of mind knowing you can DIY without having to spend a fortune. Thankfully, this filler is affordable and can easily be purchased online from retailers such as Amazon.

Final Verdict

Latex Ite blacktop crack filler sealer is what the pros use, so there’s no need to have any doubts on its efficacy. It works well and is affordable – your blacktop crack problems can now be a thing of the past. Keep your blacktop driveway investments protected for years to come by using Latex-Ite Crack Filler. 

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