Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Traditional Finish & Sealer Review 

 April 3, 2020

By  Dale Keese

If you’ve never built your own wooden furniture or gotten into woodwork, it might be difficult to understand the purpose of staining or sealing wood. Though staining and sealing are two different processes, if you own any type of wood furniture, it’s more important to know why you need to do the latter. Staining enhances beauty, but sealing is critical to durability, strength, and longevity. 

Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Traditional Finish & Sealer

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The way sealing woodworks is pretty simple: it seals the wood and prevents damage and rotting caused by exposure to the elements particularly moisture. When wood is exposed to moisture and the sun, it can result in fading and cracking. Once this happens, there goes your money.

Sealing is especially important during the winter since wood can get into untreated wood through tiny cracks. From here, it tends to freeze and expand. However, if you finish the wood with a product like Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Traditional Finish & Sealer, you don’t have to worry.

It was formulated to preserve different forms of wood art as well as metal. Using a traditional non-toxic and all-natural blend of ingredients, this sealer is made to be the classic finish for a range of wooden trim, furniture, and paneling.

Zinsser is a household name when it comes to professional-grade sealers. They have primers, sealers, and other types of coating for virtually every kind of surface, including wood. Zinsser is known globally for its high-quality coatings, and this Shellac Wood Sealer is no different.

Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Traditional Finish & Sealer will bring out the natural beauty of wood grain by leaving you with a stunning glow that does not yellow or darken with time. 

Whether you have large or small wood furniture, you can apply this sealer using a spray to get into corners and ensure even coverage even on the most intricate woodwork. It’s non-toxic and completely safe to use. 

It can be used on a variety of wood surfaces including new and previously painted wood, drywall, cured plaster, cured masonry, and metal. When it comes to wood, this sealer is ideal for fir, pine, redwood, plywood, and cedar.


Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Traditional Finish & Sealer is the only wood sealer you’ll ever need. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Excellent protection for wooden craft and household projects
  • Dries fast, second coats can be reapplied within 45 minutes
  • Makes clean up easy with a mixture of ammonia and water
  • Non-toxic, all-natural, hypoallergenic formula
  • Stops the odor in wood, drywall, masonry, and plaster
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal traditional finish for wood furniture, paneling, and trims

It comes in clear option, too. No need to worry about altering the color of your wood. Once you use it, you’ll be so glad you did because your woodwork has never looked so beautiful!

How To Use

Shellac Wood Sealer is simple to use: just ensure that the surface has been cleaned thoroughly, and is completely dry. Don’t apply until you have made sure that all wax has been removed using mineral spirits.

If you aren’t sure of how clean the surface is, you can first give the surface a good cleaning by using a water and ammonia solution. Just make sure you don’t use TSP. Unsound coatings and peelings should also be removed.

Should there be remaining paint film edges, smoothen the surface using sandpaper. Lightly sand any bare wood, using 80 to 100 grit sandpaper for effectively removing weathered wood fibers.

Keep in mind that this product is not meant to be used as a sealer before polyurethane is applied. 


  1. 1
    Apply only when the temperatures of the air, surface, and material are between 50-90F, while relative humidity is under 85%.
  2. 2
    Mix the contents well before application; do not apply thinner.
  3. 3
    Use a lint-free wiping cloth, pad, or brush to apply a few light coats. Let it dry for 1 hour then sand it, followed by another coat.
  4. 4
    Allow the sealer to dry completely before sanding.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you will be using Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Traditional Finish & Sealer as an odor barrier or tint.

What People Are Saying

Professional woodworkers, artists, and furniture enthusiasts alike use Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Traditional Finish & Sealer because it restores the natural beauty of wood like no other. But we wanted to see what customers had to say about it, so we read online reviews.

Based on feedback, customers find this product nothing short of amazing. They are raving about its ability to restore old leather furniture, granite, plywood, and many other surfaces. Customers are in love with the beautiful shimmer that it leaves, which is particularly great if you are working with old furniture that looks dry, dull, and damaged.

Customers also highly recommend Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Traditional Finish & Sealer for cabinets, cutting boards, toys, birdbaths, vintage furniture, and much more. The benefits are endless!

They also appreciate that it leaves no odor behind, making application much easier. 

On the other hand, a customer noted that it did end up yellowing when used on wood. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully because every step counts.

Buying Advice

Wood furniture is timeless and elegant, and you want it to last a long time, especially if it’s a handicraft you made yourself.

Don’t let the elements and time do its thing. Nip these issues in the bud by sealing using Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Traditional Finish & Sealer. Perhaps the best part of all, aside from it being so effective and non-toxic, is the fact that it’s affordable too. Check out online retailers including Amazon who may have a special ongoing promotion for even more savings.

Final Verdict

Nothing can be more sad or frustrating than seeing your valuable artwork give in to deterioration. Restoration is costly, and in the case of wood, can even be expensive. 

Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Traditional Finish & Sealer is all you need to keep your wood and masonry protected. It also has a multitude of other uses for your home and art investments, and it’s the only thing you need to keep your furniture looking incredible for a long time.  

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