Stone Care International Granite and Stone Sealer Review 

 June 13, 2020

By  Dale Keese

Granite is the material of choice for many discerning homemakers. It is not only beautiful and elegant, but it’s also durable. That’s a major reason why it has become the ideal choice for kitchen countertops.

Stone Care International Granite Stone Sealer

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But just because granite is effective in resisting numerous chemicals, it doesn’t mean that it is completely impervious to wear and tear caused by daily use. So if you want your granite countertops to last for years, sealing is critical.

Sealing granite, as well as other types of stone countertops, will result in liquid beading on its surface instead of being absorbed. Those nasty stains on countertops are actually caused by absorption. 

For this reason, sealing is especially necessary if you have light-colored granite.

Maintaining your granite countertops properly through sealing also helps reduce damage caused by etching. Exposure to cleaning agents and acidic food and beverage such as lemon juice spills are the most common culprit in etching. 

Sealing your countertops will also enable you to clean them more efficiently. After sealing, you’ll notice how much simpler it is to remove fingerprints and other types of dirt much quicker with one wipe.

And best of all, sealing helps preserve the natural beauty of granite.

If you are tired of having to deal with the maintenance that comes with granite countertops, or you just want to protect your investment, Stone Care International Granite & Stone Sealer is highly recommended.

Stone Care International Granite & Stone Sealer is made with phosphate and ammonia-free formula, making it safe for surfaces with less odor to bear with. Far too many granite and stone sealers out there do work, but they come with an unpleasant smell that makes sealing difficult.

This penetrating sealer works through the formation of molecular links for incredible protection! When you use this sealer at least every six months, you’ll understand why so many homeowners have chosen this sealer over others.

Stone Care International Granite & Stone Countertop Sealer is a professional-quality sealer. It’s used by homeowners as well as professionals, so you can have peace of mind that it’s been tried and tested by the very people who know stone.

Use Stone Professional Series Care Granite & Stone Sealer on granite as well as on quartz, marble, and other types of natural stone countertops. It can also be used on other types of surfaces including floors, vanities, and walls.

It is formulated to protect your valuable stone investments so that stains and watermarks will be a thing of the past. As a result, your beautiful stones can breathe and efficiently release moisture vapors.

Its formula is made to be safe for food contact and contains no phosphate nor ammonia. Stone Professional Series Care Granite & Stone Sealer is a water-based and streak-free formula as well.

How To Use

Stone Professional Series Care Granite & Stone Sealer may be a professional-quality sealer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply it yourself. This sealer is so easy to work with that it can easily make a quick and simple DIY project.

To use, start by shaking the product well and testing it first on a small area before application. Ideally, the stone’s surface should be completely dry for at least six hours first. This is followed by cleaning and covering nearby areas that will not be sealed.

Next, generously apply the sealer to the entire surface until it is wet, but don’t over saturate the surface. Let the surface dry on its own for around five minutes, then spray on some more sealer to ensure thorough penetration and curing.

After half an hour, use a clean and dry terrycloth towel to wipe off the excess sealer. If you notice any excess sealer on the surface, just apply more then wipe it off. If you are working with a more porous stone, apply another coat by starting with a liberal application once more. 

Allow the stone to stay dry for 24 hours.

If you want to test your granite and stone surface, pour water on it in various locations and allow it to sit. After 30 minutes, observe the surface; if you notice rings or dark marks, this means that the water was able to penetrate and it requires resealing.

What People Are Saying

Homemakers love Stone Professional Series Care Granite & Stone Sealer, but we wanted to understand why. 

We took to the internet to check out customer reviews online and found that they are raving about this sealer. They appreciate many things about it, though most importantly their reviews verify that it does work excellently. Based on reviews, wine and coffee spills became much easier to wipe off!

It’s also good to note that homeowners emphasize the importance of preparing your surface properly by following the directions on the bottle before application.

Having said that, a majority of reviews gave Stone Professional Series Care Granite & Stone Sealer five stars! 

There were a few homeowners though, who found that sealing their granite didn’t make much of a difference. There were also some who found that it still left watermarks, but to avoid it, just be sure to prepare the surface as instructed.

Buying Advice

Keeping your home clean and tidy can already be a burdensome job on its own. But no one said that you have to do it alone. That’s why there are products like Stone Professional Series Care Granite & Stone Sealer that give you a little more help that goes a long way.

Sealing isn’t expensive if you can do it yourself, and Stone Professional Series Care Granite & Stone Sealer is affordable. If you buy it online from shops such as Amazon, this product can be delivered to your doorstep in less than a week.

Final Verdict

No matter where you use granite or natural stone in your home, sealing is the most important thing you can do to preserve its natural beauty. Stone Professional Series Care Granite & Stone Sealer is the product made for the job; it was formulated to make your life as a homeowner much easier while ensuring your investment goes a long way.

Don’t wait until you have to deal with nasty stains that are difficult to remove.

You can trust in Stone Professional Series Care Granite & Stone Sealer. It’s what the professionals use, after all.

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