Sashco 15010 Grout Caulking, Mortar and Stucco Repair Sealant 

 June 13, 2020

By  Dale Keese

Stucco is not only beautiful, but it also makes for a durable wall surface. That’s why many homeowners choose stucco, especially for exterior coatings. However, due to its strong and rigid nature, stucco can be prone to cracks. 

Sashco 15010 Grout Caulking, Mortar and Stucco Repair Sealant

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Hairline cracks are the most common type of cracking that affect stucco. There are many other kinds of cracking that can form, but the good news is that it can be repaired easily and without having to spend so much. In fact, hairline cracks in stucco make for a good DIY project.

If you see hairline cracks in your stucco, Sashco's stucco crack repair is highly recommended. Homeowners love this product because it’s so easy to use. The application is done within minutes and with no need for any training or professional services.

It’s an extremely cost-effective solution, which is ideal if you are on a budget. People with money to burn can opt for casting or using real stone, but let’s face it: not everyone has hundreds or even thousands of dollars to spend on home improvement at all times. 

Sashco's stucco crack repair is your best friend. It leaves results so realistic that you might even need to touch it to believe it isn’t really rock!

Sashco 15010 Grout Caulking, Mortar and Stucco Repair Sealant is not only a quick problem solver for your stucco cracks, but it also imparts other important benefits. One of these is the fact that it’s energy-saving since applying it will add an extra layer of insulation.

Another benefit is that it’s versatile: you can apply it on both interior or exterior surfaces. Whether you have stucco cracks in your home or office, Stucco Crack Sealer is the product for the job.

Best of all, Sashco 15010 Grout Caulking, Mortar and Stucco Repair Sealant was designed to provide results similar to, or even better, than what the professionals would do. So there’s absolutely no need to pay for labor since the job can be completed by just one or two people, complemented by basic power tools. 

The product is manufactured by NextStone, which offers customers with a 20-year warranty from peeling, corrosion, blistering, flaking, rot, rust, and fading. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned money isn’t going to waste. It’s especially helpful for homeowners embarking on this DIY project for the first time. 

Sashco stucco crack repair is available in three different colors: gray, buff, and red.

How To Use

Stucco Crack Sealer is so easy to use, it’s basically fool-proof. 

The first thing you need to do is wet the wall around the location of the crack. Water helps move caulk around efficiently while allowing you to squeeze the sealant into the crack well. It also helps you wipe off any excess product so much easier.

Next, apply some caulk in an amount as much as a bead, then use rubber gloves to spread it around generously. The angled tip works at an advantage since it lets you fill cracks in more efficiently. 

Keep in mind that the smaller or narrower the crack, the smaller the tip opening should be. You can cut the tip of the tube if needed, so that the job is done neatly and looks better in the end.  

Using rubber gloves, use a finger or two to rub the caulk deep into the crack. For best results, try to go in all directions to completely fill the crack. Just don’t spread caulk all over, since you’ll need to wipe off any excess caulking. 

The best way to wipe off any excess is to use a green float, rag, or sponge then saturate it in water.

Apply a second coating if needed, and after excess coating has been wiped off, you should see that most of the caulk is within the crack while some white residue is seen around it. Best to remove the excess and allow the caulking to dry for a day, depending on the weather and temperature. Follow the recommendations for the best results.

What People Are Saying

Sashco 15010 Grout Caulking, Mortar and Stucco Repair Sealant has a loyal following among homeowners, but we wanted to understand why this product is raved about.

Based on online reviews, customers sing praises for the Stucco Crack Sealer. Many find that it works even better than smooth caulk.  Whether used on small or widening cracks, this sealer really gets the job done. Just make sure to choose a color closest to your stucco.

Some people find that this sealant is pricier than others in the market. However, considering all the gleaming reviews, you’ll know that every cent is worth it because it does work well. Homeowners say that the price is definitely worth it. 

Unsurprisingly, there weren’t any bad reviews. When you have a product as reliable and trustworthy as Sashco's Stucco Crack Sealer, it’s clear that it’s a crowd-pleaser for good reason.

Buying Advice

Stucco cracks may seem like a small issue now, but if you let this problem persist, it will only grow to be a homeowner’s nightmare. Repairing them as soon as you see the is necessary for long-term durability while preventing issues such as leaks later on.

Stucco Crack Sealer is the only sealant you’ll need. A few minutes invested in application gives you years of terrific results. It’s available at a great price from Amazon and other online shops that can deliver it to your doorstep within a few days.

Final Verdict

Cracked Stucco is inevitable, but not impossible or costly to fix. As the most common issue experienced when using stucco, it can compromise how weather resistant your walls are. Other factors such as the location, size of the crack and the void, as well as wind direction all play a part in how quickly water enters stucco.

Having said that, Sashco's Stucco Crack Sealer nips the problem in the bud. Don’t wait until it’s too late to repair those nasty cracks!

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