July 31, 2021  

A sealer can protect your new concrete against the elements, water, grease and oil stains, deicing

July 23, 2021  

While the importance of sealing concrete is often imparted by contractors to customers, it’s up to

July 9, 2021  

Some types of concrete sealers emit toxic fumes. It’s fine if the smell dissipates within a

July 8, 2021  

Concrete is one of the most low-maintenance building materials used today but it does need to

July 7, 2021  

Applying sealer to the stamped concrete surfaces in your home is extremely important, without which your

July 7, 2021  

There are several issues that can occur when it comes to applying concrete sealers. Often, concrete

July 7, 2021  

When you have found the right concrete sealer to use, the next step is to apply

June 8, 2021  

Concrete is naturally porous, which means that it will absorb liquids, grease, and stains. For this

April 29, 2021  

Silicone sealants work as an adhesive, usually for creating airtight seals between two surfaces on a

April 21, 2021  

Granite is a natural stone that is widely used for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Because it’s

April 19, 2021  

Concrete sealers are used to protect areas from water damage and staining. They can make a

March 24, 2021  

Exposed aggregate concrete is a great way to increase your curb appeal, but it comes with

February 18, 2021  

Wooden butcher block countertops are becoming increasingly popular choices for home kitchens and restaurant operations. They

January 26, 2021  

Finishing a concrete driveway with a sealer is a great way to increase your driveways lifespan,

January 16, 2021  

Both old and new wooden decks can benefit from the application of either a sealant or

December 18, 2020  

Boats will require maintenance and repairs as they age, which is why you need to know

November 8, 2020  

Stamped concrete is a beautiful material well suited for exterior landscapes such as patios, pool decks,

November 7, 2020  

Because of the constant presence of moisture in your bathroom, it’s almost inevitable for the sealant

November 8, 2020  

Caulking exterior windows and doors is a simple task that offers significant benefits. It saves you

October 26, 2020  

Caulk is helpful for sealing and insulating showers. It’s effective in preventing water leaks and eliminating

October 19, 2020  

Silicone and acrylic sealants are items commonly used in and around the home. Notably though, there

October 17, 2020  

Residential swimming pools are often surrounded by concrete decks that significantly enhance their appearance. As a

October 13, 2020  

Air leaks around your windows and doors can decrease the energy efficiency of your house —

October 13, 2020  

Silicone and polyurethane sealants are the most popular sealants in the market today. They are both