DeckCorrect by Cabot Deck Sealer Review 

 February 14, 2020

By  Dale Keese

Wood has a natural beauty that few other surfaces can match. This is why many homeowners choose wood as the main surface used in their outdoor decks. Think of your outdoor space as an extension of the outdoor area your home is in; this is why it makes sense to go with the natural elegance of wood as opposed to other ‘cold’ surfaces. 

DeckCorrect by Cabot Deck Sealer

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Wood is already beautiful; you don’t need much else to make it look attractive and vibrant. But aside from aesthetics, wood is also durable and strong. This is beneficial if you will be adding furniture or other kinds of decoration on your deck.

Having a beautiful, well-thought-out wooden deck is an asset for any homeowner. It increases the value of your home and also makes entertaining more fun. 

After all, who wouldn’t want to spend hours with their loved ones, enjoying barbecues and the great outdoors on their wooden decks? But considering that wooden decks are placed outside your home, where it’s exposed to the elements and weather over time, these external factors can wreak havoc on the beauty of your decks.

Cracks, fading, and splinters are just some of the common problems that wood decks are prone to. The good news is that it doesn’t require you to shell out tons of cash just to take care of it. A little DIY maintenance once in a while is all you need to make sure your deck is beautiful, durable, and strong for years to come. 

The Cabot DeckCorrect Deck Sealer is a household name among deck products. It was designed specifically to treat worn and weathered wood surfaces, though it can also be used on concrete. Homeowners in the know will tell you that this product is the best way to fix a worn-out deck.

DeckCorrect by Cabot is a correcting product made for weathered exterior wood and concrete. Its thick formulation is effective in filling cracks up to ¼ inches and treating splinters.

What you get is a deck that is gorgeous, skid-resistant, and easy to clean!

Whether you use wood on decks or other exterior surfaces such as steps and porches, this coating will save you a tremendous amount of time and money in maintenance. Since it’s so easy to use, you don’t need to spend on having this job professionally done. 

The benefits of this sealer include:

  • Can be used on weathered wood as well as concrete surfaces
  • Ideal for outdoor use: decks, steps, and porches
  • Washes off easily using a hose
  • Skid-resistant finish
  • Locks down splinters

If you have a wood or concrete deck, using DeckCorrect by Cabot will make all the difference in preserving the beauty and durability of your outdoor living space.

How To Use

DeckCorrect by Cabot is well-loved by homeowners because it’s so simple to use and effective. One gallon is all you need to cover around 75 square feet of a surface with 2 coats. 

However, take note that surface preparation is essential for the best results. Surfaces must be free from dirt, loose wood fibers, mildew stains, or any other kind of foreign matter. Standing water must also be removed.

If your wood deck has loose splinters, rotting or damaged wood, these should be removed and replaced. Additionally, any previously stained weathered surface should also be prepared using a wood cleaner or stripper. 

Large cracks should be filled with an exterior wood filler, while new masonry or concrete surfaces should cure for 30 days prior to coating.

Shake the bottle thoroughly before and during application. If your project will require you to use more than one container of the coating, combine all the containers together to promote uniformity. Work in small batches; 1-3 boards at a time is recommended. 

Using a standard 3/8” paint roller is also ideal for applying thick, even coats. Allow the coat to dry at least 4 up to 6 hours before you apply a second coat.

Do not apply:

  • Under direct sunlight
  • On hot surfaces
  • Surface or air temperature is below 50F or may fall below this temperature two days after application
  • On damp or wet surfaces
  • When rain is imminent for 48 hours after

Finally, you can clean all the equipment and brushes you’ve used with just soap and water.

What People Are Saying

Just how much do homeowners trust DeckCorrect by Cabot? We took a look at reviews online to find out. 

Based on customer feedback on the internet, it’s clear that this product does a terrific job at making your decks look brand-new even after it’s worn and weathered. Homeowners also verify that their decks are in superior shape, both form and function-wise after their decks were exposed to hot summers and cold winters after the application of this product.

Feedback from satisfied customers did stress though, just how important it is to follow the manufacturer’s directions before and during application. 

However, a few homeowners said that their deck surface was sticky, even after the product has dried. There were also some who found that there was a discrepancy between the actual color and the color charts even after proper preparation of the surface. Some also said that when the seasons changed, the surface began to bubble and peel. 

If you follow the directions well, there’s no reason why DeckCorrect by Cabot doesn’t work as advertised. Considering the significant majority of homeowners who are pleased with the outcome, it’s become clear why this is among the top deck products in the market.

Buying Advice

Outdoor decks are as much of an investment as your home itself. More importantly to many people, outdoor living spaces are the backdrop to priceless memories with your loved ones.

But it just isn’t the same when your decks are damaged with splinters, stains, and fading due to the weather. Be one step ahead by protecting them with DeckCorrect by Cabot. The best part of all is that you can turn to this product after the damage has done, and it isn’t irreparable. 

It’s available on online retailers including Amazon, who will efficiently deliver it to your doorstep within a few days of ordering.

Final Verdict

There are deck sealers, and then there’s DeckCorrect by Cabot.

This product is simply on a league of its own with the incredible job it does at protecting your already-weathered and worn wood and concrete decks. Think of it as a first-aid treatment for your decks. It preserves its natural beauty while ensuring that its surface is skid-resistant, free from splinters, and easy to clean.

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