Can I Put Sealer on Fresh Concrete? 

 May 28, 2022

By  Dale Keese

Sealing is the one maintenance method necessary to ensure concrete lasts a long time. However, many homeowners wonder if sealing can be done as soon as fresh concrete has been poured.

Fresh concrete should be allowed to cure completely for 30 days after pouring. Curing gives the excess moisture within the concrete to evaporate thoroughly.

Read on below to learn more about whether you can apply sealer on fresh concrete or not.

Can You Seal Fresh Concrete?

It can get tempting to seal concrete immediately after pouring.

However, this mistake can cost you in the long run: expensive repairs and maintenance. Experts recommend waiting 30 days until you seal it so that it can cure properly. This provides adequate time for the water and cement binding the concrete together to form a chemical reaction while ensuring that excess moisture from the concrete will evaporate.

What Happens if You Seal Fresh Concrete Before It Has Cured?

If you seal concrete before it has cured, the sealer would leave a barrier, preventing moisture from evaporating. Over time, concrete will no longer be as strong as should be and will be prone to cracking, breakage, and other damages that will be costly to repair.

Even worse, the concrete may become uneven since the concrete was not given time to settle properly.


Waiting 30 days until fresh concrete has cured will be worth it. This ensures that your concrete investment is in the best shape possible upon sealing so that it lasts a lifetime.

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