Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer Review 

 October 12, 2020

By  Dale Keese

Having paved driveways and walkways in your home are a way to make entrances more beautiful. However, too many homeowners underestimate the importance of maintaining pavers. Pavers, which are also commonly used in patios an porches, may seem durable but they are in fact prone to damage. 

Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer

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Damage is typically caused over time through exposure to weather changes, mold, and mildew, as well as stains. Pavers can lose their beauty over time, evident in fading and accumulation of spills especially if you enjoy entertaining in your patio.

So how exactly do you keep your pavers looking new for a long time?

The answer is sealing them. While the truth is that sealing is completely optional, it only makes sense to do it if you want to beautify your pavers. And who wouldn’t?

Eagle Paver Sealer is one of the most popular sealers in the market. For homeowners looking for that stunning wet look in their concrete pavers, this is the sealer of choice. It has been formulated to strengthen, protect, and beautify concrete all at the same time.

Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer does that by preventing water from penetrating, inhibiting vegetation growth, prevent staining and efflorescence, and overall strengthening your pavers. 

That’s not all: it’s also formulated with UV inhibitors stop yellowing in its tracks while increasing the lifespan of the paver.

Eagle Paver Sealer is a high-quality non-yellowing, solvent-based product that both protects and enhances pavers, but that’s not all it does.

After an application of this sealer, it will yield a beautiful, glossy wet look that will have your visitors thinking you’ve just installed your pavers. Even if your pavers are several years old, it does an incredible job at restoring its color, locking in paver sand, resist staining, and even fading.

Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer also works well as a joint stabilizer that reduces vegetation and erosion. You might be surprised at how well it highlights and darkens the color of your concrete pavers. 

Now if you’re intimidated about using this product, there’s no need to worry: Eagle Paver Sealer is incredibly easy to use.

How To Use

Before sealing, make sure to thoroughly clean all the dirt, oil, grease, and wax from the surface.

If your paver already has some kind of coating or previous solvent-based sealer, it’s also best to remove it. Paver sealers should be clean and dry prior to application. If it has heavily oiled areas, use a bristle brush for effective cleaning.

Next, use a pressure washer for rinsing. Any loose sand should be swept away. Leave it for 24 hours to completely dry.

The following day, apply Eagle Paver Sealer provided that the air temperatures are between 50 and 90F. For best results, use a roller to apply, as well as a brush to reach areas where the roller can’t reach. 

Be careful not to apply the sealer to hot surfaces; otherwise, this can result in extremely fast drying with streaks and bubbles. Do not apply if there is a chance of rain. 

Keep in mind that Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer is to be used only in outdoor pavers. Before application, it may be best to do a test to make sure that it is compatible with your pavers.


  • Non-yellowing UV resistant formula
  • Adheres effectively thanks to its solvent-based formula
  • Tough protection from fading and damage caused by water, oil, salt, and stains
  • Reseals easily
  • Self-priming
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves a glossy look
  • Long-lasting protection

What Others Are Saying

We wanted to understand what homeowners love about Eagle Paver Sealer, so we read online reviews from the very customers who have used this product.

Based on what we’ve read, this product is clearly a winner. Homeowners rave about how easy it is to use, as well as how effective it is. They are impressed by its water repellency even though the sealer has been on for over two years. 

It doesn’t hurt that Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer is affordable too. Light on the pocket, but works so well? What more could you ask for in any product especially a sealer that protects your concrete investments?

However, there were a few homeowners who weren’t too happy about the smell of this sealer. It does give off a strong smell for sure, that’s why it’s recommended to work with a mask. But the smell seems to be a small price to pay for a sealer that does its job.

Overall, homeowners are singing praises about the Eagle Paver Sealer.

Buying Advice

It may be optional to seal your pavers, but if you want to be smart about your it, sealing is the way to go. Eagle Paver Sealer makes the job so much easier and cheaper, too. Don’t wait for the day that you’ll regret not sealing your pavers; you’ll be better off acting now than waiting last minute.

Getting yourself Eagle Paver Sealer is easy too; several online retailers including Amazon are offering this sealer at a great price as well as speedy delivery to your front door.

Final Verdict

Pavers are both aesthetic and functional – but only if you maintain them for the long run. Using a sealer as good as Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer is your best choice in ensuring that pavers are in top form for many years to come. A little will go a long way, and it won’t hurt your pocket, either.

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