Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant Review 

 April 19, 2021

By  Dale Keese

If you are working on any home construction projects, it’s critical to ensure that your house has a strong foundation. But while many homeowners take the necessary precautions for a strong foundation, many underestimate the importance of sealing foundations. In fact, sealing foundations is critical to making sure that foundations are functional and strong in the long run. 

Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant

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Liquid Rubber Foundation is designed for foundational slabs or basement walls. It a water based, environmentally friendly and premixed product that can be applied by roller or brush. The flexible rubber is resistant to chipping and cracking and should be used when water resistance is the priority.

A good, strong foundation translates to living safely. A foundation that is vulnerable to cracking and peeling are not only eyesores, but they can be a significant threat to you and your family’s safety without sealing and proper maintenance. 

For sealing your home’s foundation, look no further than the Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant. This sealant is ideal for use on wood, concrete, and ICF foundations, retaining walls, basements, shower liners, planter boxes, storage or process tanks, deck and fence posts, and so much more.

Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant works by leaving a high-performance waterproof membrane on surfaces. It’s safe for you and the environment; its formula contains no harmful odors, solvents, or VOC’s which are commonly found in other sealants.

Other sealants in the market are prone to chipping and cracking, but Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant does not. You can even apply it to vertical surfaces, and you won’t have to deal with any slumping.

Easy to use, effective, and flexible seamless technology.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should try Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant today:

  • Can be used on foundations, basements, ICFs, metal, concrete, wood, planter boxes, and much more
  • Safe for humans and pets; environmentally-friendly
  • Water-based formula contains no solvents, harmful odors, or VOCs
  • Can be used on vertical surfaces
  • Non-flammable formula
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

How To Use

Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant is easy to apply. 

First, make sure that the surface is clean and dry. The surface should be free of loose, flaky paint, oil coatings, coal, grease, or other contaminants.

Then use a roller, brush, or single component sprayer for smaller areas. For larger areas, pour the sealer then spread using a squeegee, roller, or a broom. There’s no need to mix the sealer before use.

A second coat should then be applied once the first coat has dried to the touch. 

Up to two heavy coats can be applied within a day. Be cautious of temperatures; it’s always best to apply Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant when temperatures are at least 40F. Never apply it when the weather is rainy, or if rain is expected within the next 24 hours.

Curing usually just takes 24 to 48 hours, though the curing time will be affected by airflow, humidity, and temperature. 

Additionally, it is not ideal to apply under the hot sun. 

The next time you need to seal your concrete, you can rely on Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant for a simple DIY project. There’s absolutely no need to outsource the work or spend money unnecessarily when you have a sealer as easy to use as this.  

Think of it as paint, except that you need to apply heavy coats to ensure you leave a waterproof membrane.  If you have some leftover sealer in the can, just close the container and use the rest later on.

How Much Sealer To Use

For a flat or pond surface, apply 1 gallon for every 15 square feet, using 4 to 5 heavy coats for a 1.4-2mm membrane.

If you are working on vertical exterior surfaces, apply 1 gallon for every 20 square feet, using   3 to 4 heavy coats for a 1-1.5mm membrane.

Lastly, when working with an interior foundation surface, apply 1 gallon for every 50 square feet, using 2-3 heavy coats for a 0.5-0.76mm membrane.

Continue applying liberally until you have used up the entire amount required for the surface that you are working with.

What People Are Saying

There is no doubt that Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant is a top choice among foundation sealers. But we wanted to understand which qualities homeowners love so much about it, so we checked out reviews online.

Based on customer feedback we’ve read, homeowners say that Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant is easy to use and extremely effective. They have even used this product successfully for decades-old foundations and it worked so well that they vow to purchase more of it in the future.

Customers also vouch for how waterproof this sealer leaves foundations, preventing water streaming and moisture from accumulating on foundation surfaces. It’s especially useful for preventing water caused by high humidity. 

However, there was the odd review from very few disappointed homeowners. Some found the product too sticky to use, though they do advise that you should cover it as soon as you can to prevent it from happening.

Considering the sheer majority of people who were very happy with their Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant purchase, it is clear that this product gets the job done. It won’t be a waste of your money: take it from the very homeowners who have used this product themselves.

Buying Advice

Take it from us: sealing your foundation isn’t one job that you want to wait until the last minute to do. Improper or lack of sealing can all result in moisture entering your home in the most vulnerable of places, making you and your family vulnerable to safety problems and health hazards such as mold growth.

Trust Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant to get the job done. It can be shipped to you within just a few days if you order it from online retailers such as Amazon.

Final Verdict

The word on the street is that Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant is the number 1 foundation sealer. Based on the research we’ve done and on customer reviews, there is a good reason for this product to be trusted by homeowners, so you can be sure that it’s worth every penny. 

Seal your foundation today for peace of mind tomorrow and always.

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