Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer Review 

 December 16, 2020

By  Dale Keese

Outdoor living areas are one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. 

But even if you aren’t looking to sell your property any time soon, investing in outdoor living areas such as a deck is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Decks are the ideal functional spaces that allow you to grill or serve drinks without worrying about the damage caused to carpets or crowded rooms.

Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi Surface Waterproofer

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Best of all, homeowners get to spend time in nature when they have their very own decks.

Having said that, decks are an investment. It takes time and money to build a deck. Then there’s also maintenance involved: your deck will be exposed to weather, temperature, and UV radiation. These can all compromise the integrity and beauty of your deck because it affects its color, natural resins, and finish.

That’s why it’s important to seal your deck and make it as waterproof as possible. 

For all your outdoor area waterproofing needs, there’s Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer. This is a superior sealer that is formulated to waterproof not just your decks, but also concrete driveways, brick patios, fences, and many other kinds of exterior surfaces.

It promises to do just one thing, but you can be sure that it does it well: waterproofing. The wood, brick, and other materials used in outdoor areas will eventually fade without waterproofing using the right sealer. Worse, board gaps, wood rot, and structural weakness can occur as well.

That’s why you need Thompsons Water Seal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer.

If there’s one thing that Thompson’s knows well, it’s how to prevent water damage.

After all, the brand was founded by Edward Addis Thompson, a polymer chemist back in the 1920s. He created a formula that was effective in preventing exterior water damage to buildings, and this very formula is the foundation of this sealer. 

Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer is still widely used today by construction companies, architects, and homeowners. Often imitated but never successfully recreated, this sealer has gained a loyal following among homeowners and it’s no surprise why. 

No other brand in the market has been able to come close to replicating the results of this waterproofing sealer.


This sealer is also extremely versatile: aside from waterproofing wood, it can also waterproof concrete as well as seal wood and brick. In other words, it’s got everything you need to protect your outdoor living areas.

Here’s a list of its benefits:

  • Effectively protects against water damage
  • Enables your wood to gray in a natural manner
  • Use it on decks, concrete driveways, brick patios, fences, and other exterior surfaces
  • Proven formula

Thompsons Water Seal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer is a necessity for any homeowner with outdoor living spaces. 

It can also cover a considerable amount of surface for every square foot per gallon, ranging from 100 to 375 depending on the porosity of the surface you are working with. Just be sure to check surface porosity before sealing.

How To Use

Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer is so simple to use. 

Never sealed a surface in the past? Don’t worry!

Before you begin sealing your exterior surface, there’s some preparation required beforehand. First, make sure that air and surface temperatures are at least 50F during the application, and stay above 40F for at least 48 hours after. 

If rain is expected 24 hours after you’ve applied the sealer, it’s best to postpone until you have better weather.

Second, conduct a splash test by sprinkling some water on certain areas of the surface that you intend to seal. Should the water be absorbed leading to a darker color within five seconds, this means that the surface is extremely porous and ready for sealing. 

On the other hand, if you notice that water beads up, then the surface doesn’t require treatment.

Next, all objects including plants that could come in contact with excess sealer should be covered. If some sealer is sprayed onto other objects, remove it by flushing some water immediately. 

It is also important that all surfaces are free of contaminants, including dirt, oil, dust, mildew, grease, and soot. If you are working on concrete, brick, or masonry surfaces, clean using a professional concrete cleaner. 

If you are working with wood, it should be cleaned thoroughly before treatment using a deck cleaner. Once the wood surface is cleaned, allow it to sit three hours before applying Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer.


When using the sealer, shake the container thoroughly before using. Don’t mix it with other waterproofing products.

For best results, use a roller, sprayer, or brush to apply. If you have a pump up sprayer for your garden, this will also work very well. The sealer may look milky white when using it, but this will dry clearly.

Allow it to dry for 24 hours, though drying time may vary depending on the surface or substrate. Drying time also depends on the temperature, humidity, and substrate. 

Wait 45 days before painting on the surface.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Do not use Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer as a paint additive.
  • Do not store in areas below 32F.
  • Avoid letting the product freeze.

What People Are Saying

We know that Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer is loved by homeowners and professionals worldwide, but we wanted to understand what it is they appreciate so much about this product so we checked out online reviews.

Based on customer feedback, many homeowners are extremely satisfied with the performance of this waterproofing sealer. Some have said that it has the ability to completely transform old and previously neglected decks, making them look brand new after treatment. 

They also appreciate how this sealer keeps outdoor surfaces looking beautiful all year round. Many have used this sealer time and again, on several surfaces, without disappointment. 

However, there were a few reviews from people who were disappointed particularly with the results of applying this sealer particularly on concrete or on fences. They specifically noticed that it left blotches after drying.

To be sure, use Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer for decks and bricks instead of experimenting on concrete. That, and following the manufacturer’s instructions should eliminate any problems later on.

Buying Advice

Life is meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. These moments are made more special when you have an outdoor deck for gathering your loved ones.

But how can you entertain if your deck hasn’t been taken cared of? Doing so is easy, as long as you have Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer. It’s available on Amazon at an affordable price, and you can start preserving the natural beauty of your decks soon when you order it – it’ll be on your doorsteps in less than a week.

Final Verdict

Outdoor living is made so much easier when you have the space for it. Decks are both functional and aesthetic, adding natural beauty to your home for as long as you take care of it too.

Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer will help you keep your deck and outdoor living spaces looking as good as new - even if it’s been installed years ago.

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