Will Power Washing Remove Concrete Sealer? 

 August 13, 2022

By  Dale Keese

Concrete sealer is an important application that protects the surface from damage by the elements while increasing its durability. But on occasion, sealers need to be stripped off first. Some homeowners wonder though: will a power washer get rid of concrete sealer?

Power washing is one of the most efficient ways to remove concrete sealer. For best results, use warm water and start your power washer at 2,000 psi (pounds per square inch) then increasing to a maximum of 4,500 psi. You may need several rounds with the pressure washer to remove sturdy sealer.

Read on below to learn more about using a pressure washer for stripping concrete sealer.

Does Power Washing Remove Concrete Sealer

Power washing is an efficient way to remove concrete sealer especially water-based varieties.

For the best results, follow these settings:

  • Use the surface cleaner attachment instead of the wand.
  • Spray with warm water, using strengths of 2,000 psi up to 4,500 psi maximum.

You may need several rounds of pressure washing to remove all the concrete sealer especially if you are dealing with several layers of sturdy sealer.


Power washing is a simple method of removing concrete sealer, especially old layers of water-based sealer. Make sure to use the right power settings and warm water for the best results. 

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