Euclid Chemical Super Diamond Clear Concrete Sealer Review 

 March 24, 2021

By  Dale Keese

Concrete is the primary foundation of your home. Found in your exterior pavement, driveway, columns, walls, and exposed aggregate to name a few, concrete helps keep your home intact.

This is why concrete contractors always advise sealing concrete surfaces. As a homeowner, you might feel like this is nothing more than an added, unnecessary expense. Concrete is durable after all! But it needs a little help from you in the form of sealing.

Euclid Chemical Super Diamond Clear Concrete Sealer

Here are the main benefits you get when you use concrete sealers:

  • Improves durability - Think about the concrete found on the pavement, driveway, and walls in your home. Each and every single day, they are exposed to tremendous pressure whenever you walk or drive over them. Walls and columns have to withstand tons of weight. Exterior concrete, in particular, is vulnerable to concrete issues such as scaling, cracking, and wear and tear from the elements. Inside your home, concrete is prone to other issues. These problems are visible to the naked eye and are a sure-fire sign that your concrete is no longer functioning the way it should.
  • Extends lifespan - Concrete driveways should last around 30 years on average. But cracking and discoloration will mean that you’ll have to replace it much sooner than expected. Using a concrete sealer is a one-off solution that will extend the lifespan of your concrete.
  • Improves the look of your concrete - Liquid and dirt will always stay on the surface of sealed concrete. It’s much simpler to clean; the occasional mopping and sweeping will be good enough to keep it looking good. Without a sealer, you’ll find yourself working hard brushing and scrubbing.

This could also mean added labor costs if you hire someone else to do your concrete cleaning for you. 

Most importantly, concrete sealers are designed to protect your concrete investments. 

For all your concrete sealing needs, you can count on Euclid Chemical Super Diamond Clear Concrete Sealer. Its innovative solvent-based formula is specially designed to cure new concrete while preventing yellowing even if it’s exposed to ultraviolet rays. This sealer does a superior job at strengthening concrete over time while enhancing its natural appearance. 

Euclid Chemical Super Diamond Clear Concrete Sealer is the ideal sealer for exterior pavements, driveways, walls, columns, dry shake floors, and exposed aggregate. It’s also made to handle curing and sealing your decorative concrete. All of that while being one of the more affordable concrete sealers around. 

There’s also the option of purchasing the Euclid Universal Color Packs which come in 33 colors if you’d like some added tint.

Application of Euclid Chemical Super Diamond Clear Concrete Sealer is easy. You’d need to have the proper tools, though: this includes gloves and safety glasses so that you don’t come into direct contact with the product. 

Prepare the concrete surface using a high-pressure garden hose, or mixing water with a mild detergent then applying it with a 6-inch rectangular stiff bristle broom. Some people find that using a pressure washer delivers the best results, but this isn’t necessary. 

Then, apply the sealer using an industrial hand-held pump sprayer, 3/8” nap solvent resistant roller, roller frame with a pole, and plastic clothes. Make sure to read up on the correct way to apply sealer and how many coats to use, since this may vary depending on your concrete. 

It takes 48 up to 72 hours to complete the job, but when done properly, you’ll see a great difference between your concrete and that of your neighbor’s, who didn’t apply any sealer.

Excellent Performance

Euclid Chemical Super Diamond Clear Concrete Sealer is the highest performing, non-yellowing cure and seal product out there. It’s perfect for architectural concrete and can also be used for re-sealing. 

You can also rely on the fact that this sealer will beautify your interior and exterior concrete even more. Color is enhanced, while it leaves a stunning gloss on its surface.

What Others Are Saying

We read up on customer reviews for the Euclid Chemical Super Diamond Clear Concrete Sealer to see if it was indeed living up to the hype. We weren’t surprised to find out that homeowners are pleased with the performance of this sealer.

According to customers, this is the only sealer you’ll ever need. They love the glossy look that it leaves. After trying several concrete sealers in the market, many customers say that they’ll never use anything else except Euclid Chemical Super Diamond Clear Concrete Sealer moving forward. 

It wasn’t surprising that many people don’t have any negative reviews about this product. It’s good to know that you can spend some money on a trusted brand and product that have homeowners raving.

Buying Advice

It isn’t hard to find Euclid Chemical Super Diamond Clear Concrete Sealer, though many homeowners prefer the convenience of buying it online. You can find it at Amazon as well as other trusted online sellers.

Final Verdict

Concrete contractors trust one sealer alone: Euclid Chemical Super Diamond Clear Concrete Sealer. It’s extremely efficient and does a terrific job of curing your concrete, while leaving it stronger and more durable. You’ll have beautiful, tough concrete both in and out of your home for years to come just by using this product.

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