Radonseal DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit Review 

 October 13, 2020

By  Dale Keese

No matter how old (or new!) your home is, it’s prone to developing cracks in its foundation especially if it’s made with concrete.

You can be sure that if these seemingly tiny cracks don’t leak right now, it will do so eventually. That’s just the nature of concrete because even waterproofing your exteriors will deteriorate gradually even if you can’t see it. 

RadonSeal Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Kit

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The worst thing that can happen is for water to get in, too. Water is perhaps the most destructive element for concrete since it causes water damage and can spur mold growth, particularly in your basement. 

Repairing cracks in cement are a temporary solution. This is why repairing foundation cracks as efficiently as possible is needed.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to always outsource the work and pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in repair. 

Do-it-yourself kits such as the Foundation Crack Filler are a lifesaver for homeowners especially if you’re on a budget. This incredible all-in-one kit requires no drilling, yet allows you to fix hairline cracks extremely well.

Without the need for excavating, drilling, or even special tools, the RadonSeal Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Kit saves you a serious amount of money while effectively repairing cracks from the interior. It already comes with a standard caulking gun to inject the product, and best of all the final product is permanent.

Yes, it’s permanent!

Foundation Crack Filler stops water leakage in its tracks, particularly in large cracks or even in hairline cracks on a concrete foundation.

Its innovative, state-of-the-art packaging design involves using a low-pressure injection, which makes the application a breeze! Perhaps the best part of using Radonseal DIY foundation crack repair kit is that it already includes everything you need for a successful and easy DIY job, save for the caulking gun.

Here are the benefits of using Foundation Crack Filler:

  • Drill-free: Thanks to using low-pressure injections, you no longer need to drill through foundation cracks unlike with other filling products.
  • No need to use special tools: All you need is a standard caulking gun to inject Foundation Crack Filler, and you’re done. It saves you both time and money!
  • Suitable for hairline cracks: Because its formula uses a low viscosity urethane, you can easily fix hairline cracks. Any homeowner can tell you that hairline cracks are tricky to fill, but not anymore.
  • Permanent results: One application of RadonSeal Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Kit will prevent water from seeping permanently.
  • Professional-quality formula: Contractors use similar toolkits, so that means you are using professional-quality products to fill the cracks in your concrete foundations. Specifically, they use the same two-component injection polymers since it gives you superior results that last forever.

There are other similar repair kits in the market but they tend to use single-component hydrophilic foam. Unfortunately, many homeowners had to learn the hard way that these repair kits are not of good quality at all, because they will crumble after drying.

Another great reason why you should try this crack filler is that it doesn’t require you to excavate. When you are able to repair cracks from the inside, you can nip the problem in the bud and save hundreds of dollars in repairs.

How To Use

Radonseal DIY foundation crack repair kit is easy to use, and anyone can do it. However, you just need to have patience.

Keep in mind that while you inject the filler, you’ll need to be very careful squeezing the caulking gun because just 20 pounds of pressure is needed to let the polyurethane penetrate into tiny hairline cracks. 

As a general rule of thumb, it’s ideal to spend around 2-4 minutes working on every port.

Here are some guidelines on how to use this filler, depending on the type of crack:

Corner cracks: Fold the base of the injection, then hold the port from the corner until the glue holds well. Alternatively, you can also cut the base off. You can request from RadonSeal to ship corner ports only if this is the kind of repair you need to do.

Actively leaking cracks: Work only after the leak has completely subsided because running water will prevent the surface from sealing. If you aren’t confident enough to apply the high-pressure injection, you can also hire a contractor who can do the work for you.

Hairline cracks: It’s best to heat up the polyurethane to reduce its viscosity, making it easier to inject into thin hairline cracks. All you need to do is fill a pot with boiling hot water, and submerge the cartridges for around 15 minutes.

Above-grade cracks: If the other side of a crack has a void, you should seal the other side first using a surface sealer or caulk. Otherwise, you may end up wasting the polyurethane foam since it will expand into the air.

What People Are Saying

When it comes to filling concrete cracks, Foundation Crack Filler is a superior choice. 

But we wanted to find out more about what customers are saying after they have used this product. After all, customer testimonies are the best way to understand if this product is worth the money.

Customer reviews on the internet reveal that RadonSeal Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Kit

Is indeed a high-quality crack filler. Homeowners have used it to fill cracks and despite heavy rains, there wasn’t a drop of water that seeped through them. 

It’s also good to know that many homeowners have successfully filled their cracks even if they have been leaking for a very long time. This means that when nothing else seems to work, you know that you can rely on this filler.

Additionally, small foundation cracks could have resulted in devaluing a home if you are trying to sell it. Customer reviews say that applying this sealer, they saved hundreds of dollars in professional crack repairs and were able to sell their home. 

They were also impressed by how easy it was to apply!

Leaking basements, cracks, all of those problems are now in the past after using Foundation Crack Filler.

According to the reviews, customers also do note that you should be investing time in learning how to inject it properly. With a little effort at the start, doing a good job from the start will prevent headaches down the road.

However, there were some homeowners who found the tube difficult to work with. They also found that the filler wasn’t enough for handling wide cracks, so even though it works, you may need to purchase extra.

Having said that, a significant majority of reviews about Foundation Crack Filler are gleaming. That should give any homeowner the confidence to use this product to fill cracks.

Buying Advice

If you are dealing with non-structural cracks that need to be waterproofed and sealed, you can trust Foundation Crack Filler to do the job well. As long as you use this low-pressure injection kit on cracks that are wet, damp, or leaking, you can effectively prevent leaks and other cracks from forming later on.

Don’t wait another minute to fill those cracks. A few clicks on your favorite online retailer or Amazon will deliver Foundation Crack Filler straight to your doorstep in a few days, then you can get straight to work.

Final Verdict

There’s no reason to doubt the efficacy of RadonSeal's Foundation Crack Filler. The reviews speak for themselves! It’s clear that they've thoughtfully and carefully come up with a foundation crack filler that finally solves homeowners’ crack repair problems once and for all.

Whether your home is old or new, cracks are inevitable, but problems are not once you have Foundation Crack Filler on your side.

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