Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer Review 

 April 21, 2021

By  Dale Keese

Granite is one of the most popular materials for countertops, and it’s easy to see why. They are elegant and beautiful but are also a practical choice. They last a much longer time compared to other materials used for countertops. Additionally, granite is naturally tough and heat resistant.

Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer

Source: granitegold.com

Having said that, granite countertops are also low-maintenance. They can easily resist stains but if you use your granite countertop often, you should consider sealing it. 

Since granite is porous, liquids tend to seep deep into the surface. When left untreated or when you don’t seal the granite, these can lead to long-lasting stains that are difficult and expensive to fix.

That’s why you should try Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer. Simply put, using this sealer will ensure your granite countertops last a lifetime. Nasty, stubborn stains from wine, coffee, water, and oil will be a thing of the past. 

You can also have peace of mind that it’s food-safe: its made with a non-toxic formulation that is also non-acidic; it does not contain ammonia nor phosphates. Overall, you get a superior formula that is pH balanced and safe to use where you prepare your food.

Granite Gold specializes in stone care products including sealers. It has long been one of the most trusted brands in sealers, boasting of expertise from professional stone care services dating back to the 1950s. It’s no wonder that they are referred to as the Stone Care Experts. 

Today, Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer and its other products are still respected among professionals and homeowners because, well, they just work so well! They are inexpensive, and easy enough to use; when you use this sealer, you don’t need to outsource labor and pay for it because you can do the application yourself. 

Aside from using Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer on granite countertops, it’s versatile enough to be used on a variety of other stone surfaces. These include marble, slate, limestone, travertine, grout, and other kinds of natural stone. 

No need to worry about toxicity because this sealer has got you covered: the formula of this sealer is safe, non-acidic, non-toxic, pH balanced, and biodegradable. Feel free to use it on your kitchen countertops because it’s completely safe to expose your food to it. 

Granite Gold granite countertop sealer works by creating a tough barrier on the stone surface, which effectively protects it from water, coffee, oil, wine, and other kinds of liquids that can lead to stains. Long-lasting and durable protection for an inexpensive price.  


  • Long-lasting protection from stains
  • Food-safe, non-toxic
  • Versatile for use in many natural stone surfaces
  • Easy application

How To Use

Using Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer is simple: just spray a liberal amount of the sealer onto your stone countertop. Use a dry, clean, lint-free cloth to immediately wipe the surface.

Repeat this process three times for maximum protection from stains, but be sure to wait 20 minutes between every application. 

After applying the sealer, wait 24 hours until polishing.

What People Are Saying

Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer is trusted by thousands of people worldwide, including both homeowners and professionals. However, we were curious about what exactly they had to say after applying this sealer, so we checked out some reviews online to share with you.

Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer Feature

Source: granitegold.com

Based on customer feedback, customers are very happy with the performance of Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer. They were happy that it worked as promised. After application, water just evaporates or beads up on the surface.

They were also satisfied with the fact that this sealer did not leave any residue on the surface. Whether they used it on granite or other natural stone surfaces, a significant majority reported that it left their stone looking really beautiful.

On the other hand, a small number of customers commented that it doesn’t seal as well as it claims. They found dark spots and rings even after application.

For the best results, it is always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s directions precisely. 

Overall, a significant majority of customers were extremely pleased with Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer. Many of them had tried other countertop sealers in the past but found that this truly worked the best out of all.

Buying Advice

To save time and money, while preventing disappointment in maintaining your granite countertop investments, be sure to seal it with the right product. 

Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer does exactly what you need for a kitchen countertop: it’s easy to use, food-safe and non-toxic, and most of all, effective. By creating a barrier that protects from liquid stains and penetration, using this sealer regularly will ensure your granite looks and performs well for decades to come.

Amazon currently offers this product at an affordable price, and they can ship it to you straight away.

Final Verdict

Granite is a terrific choice for kitchen countertops. Durable, heat-resistant, and easy to maintain, it’s simple to see why so many homeowners and decorators turn to granite.

But to keep its beauty and longevity, the simple process of applying the right sealer will make all the difference. For peace of mind, go with Granite Gold Granite Countertop Sealer.

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