Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer Review 

 October 13, 2020

By  Dale Keese

If you want to have a clean and beautiful home, you need a grout sealer. Grout sealers are an essential means of protection for floors, countertops, walls, and backsplashes but it also gives you the added benefit of no longer having to seal surfaces. But not all grout sealers in the market are the same.

Choosing a superior, high quality grout formula over a mediocre one will make all the difference in being able to enhance the beauty and retain the integrity of your home, both inside and out. 

Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer

When you use a good grout sealer, it minimizes the grout’s porous properties and sponginess. Since grout is notorious for absorbing moisture which then compromises its quality and aesthetics, omitting the use of a sealer would be a big, costly mistake. Additionally, grout sealing is necessary to extend the lifespan of grout because it tends to lose durability over time due to changes in temperature as well as PH levels. 

Grout is essentially a mixture of cement and sand. Because of its nature, not sealing your grout will mean that these materials will easily absorb oil, water, stains, and bacteria. Grout sealers are crucial in helping protect your grout while ensuring that it does not absorb water. You’ll also prevent stains in the long run – which we all know is a real headache to clean.

Sealing your grout also improves its consistency and texture. Mold and mildew are prevented as well. Basically, grout sealers offer numerous protective benefits for grout and you benefit by saving time in cleaning and ensuring that your floors are free from bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew.

If your property uses ceramic or porcelain tile, as well as natural stone, you’re probably already familiar with how easy it is to stain these surfaces. Considering how much foot traffic flooring gets inside and outside, stains are inevitable. Countertops, walls, and backsplashes are also prone to stains and dirt; just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. 

All you need is Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer. This high-quality penetrating sealer has the reputation of being one of the strongest sealants around, plus it costs a lot less than many similar products. Its water-based formulation was created for handling grout, and once you’ve applied this, maintenance and cleaning will be a breeze for many years to come.

The Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer is a trusted sealant with a solid reputation simply because it’s so effective without being expensive. There’s no need to hire someone to do the job because applying this yourself at home is extremely easy. 

The formula was created for cement-based grout, with ceramic and porcelain tile and natural stone. Water and oil-based stains in your bathroom, kitchen, and floors are a thing of the past after using this. The investment you’ve made in your floors will last a longer time because its natural beauty is preserved. Whether you use grout indoors, outdoors, or both, this is the only sealant you’ll need.

Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer is best known for the extremely tough protection it offers for your ceramic or porcelain tiles. It improves them in a way that no other sealant can do because of its state-of-the-art fluoro-chemical formula. 

Just one application of three or four coats will last you several years. Considering how affordable Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer is, you’re getting more bang for your buck. 

No stains, no discoloration, no mold, mildew, bacteria… none of the things you want on ceramic and porcelain tile or natural stone surfaces for several years. As a result, your flooring will only take a few minutes to clean and will also last longer.

How To Use Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer

After installing your new grout, let it cure for a minimum of 72 hours before applying Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer. Each gallon of sealant is good for 1,000 linear feet, though the amount you use may depend on how porous the surface is. 

To apply Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer, ensure that the surface is clean and dry, with no coatings or wax. Liberally lay down up to four coats using a quality brush or chisel. For best results, your work area must be well-ventilated until the surface has been thoroughly dried. If you have pets or children at home, keep them out of the surface until the grout is dry. 

Sealant protections usually lasts up to five years after application on interior surfaces, and three years for exterior surfaces; after this time, it’s best to reapply another coat.

Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer is simple and straightforward to use. Sure, it might take a few hours out of your day, but it’s fool-proof and anyone can learn how to use it to protect their home.

What Others Are Saying

Upon analyzing what customers had to say about Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer, it’s evident that it’s the number one sealant, bar none. 

Customer reviews say that even professionals in the construction industry have recommended Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer, and that says a lot about its efficacy and quality. Reviews have also emphasized how important it is to apply at least two coats liberally, which is good to keep in mind to get the most out of its protection. Another piece of advice they offered was not to bother with foam brushes or rollers. People who have used Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer appreciate how simple it is to use too.

While you’d be hard-pressed to find a negative review on the Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer, there was less than a handful of people who disagreed on its efficacy. They found that despite applying several coats, their grout still absorbed water. 

As long as you follow the directions when using Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer, you can’t go wrong using this product.

Buying Advice

Getting your own bottle of Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer is easy thanks to the convenience offered by delivery from online shopping. Trusted sites such as Amazon offer this product at a terrific value. 

Final Verdict

Take the word of the pros who know what they are talking about. Going with the Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer is a no-brainer. For ceramic and porcelain tiles, as well as natural stone, this is a product far superior than anything else out there.

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