We’ve Reviewed the Best Concrete Sealers for 2019

Cracked Concrete

Water is concrete’s worst enemy. In addition to that, harsh chemicals, UV exposure and daily wear and tear can also damage a concrete surface. Due to these elements, mold and mildew continue to develop and pose many problems for a homeowner’s foundation.

Since, water is also a carrier for chlorides and salts, any surface no matter how terrible it is the material will crack with time.  In this comprehensive guide we'll help you choose the best concrete sealer.

Cracked Concrete

If you want to protect your driveway, pavers, marble and decorative concrete surfaces; it is best to seal them using a professional-grade concrete sealer. There are acrylic based, latex based or elastomeric products that serve as temporary ways to take care of a surface. However, most of these products do not penetrate deep sealing the concrete from within.

Only applying a reputed and high-quality concrete sealer can harden cement to create a substantial barrier. A large number of professional-grade sealers offer incredible protection for concrete driveways, paver patios, brick walls, granite and marble countertops and basement floors.

As concrete is porous and can be prone to damage from daily wear and tear, UV radiation and water, sealing your surface is a great way to prolong the life of your concrete.

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What Are The Best Concrete Sealers?

There are various kinds of sealers for masonry and concrete surfaces. Most concrete sealers are water-based whereas a few can be solvent based formulas. Benefits of using a concrete sealer:

  • Sealing takes care of cracks
  • Prevents seepage of water through foundations and walls
  • Improves the appearance of a surface by adding a glossy effect
  • mail-forward
    Stops damage from deicing salts during winter
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    No spalling or pitting of the concrete

We highlight the crucial factors you must consider before purchasing the right kind of sealer for your concrete. We also recommend the best counter-top, grout and concrete sealer to make you choose the right solution for protecting your interior and exterior surfaces.

Best Concrete Countertop Sealer

Tuff Duck Concrete Countertop Sealer

We all know that concrete countertops need to be repaired and restored on a frequent basis to maintain the shine and look they had when installed. Concrete countertops can develop stains; etch marks and even holes over time. Hence, homeowners should apply polish and seal the concrete countertop to make it look new forever. Product features:

  • Satin Finish Concrete Sealer
  • plus-circle
    A 750 ml bottle for covering 45-60 square feet
  • plus-circle
    Non-toxic and safe water-based concrete sealer
  • Ideal for all concrete surfaces such as sinks and countertops
  • plus-circle
    Easy application with user instructions
  • Leaves a severe and long-lasting shell on the concrete

Our proud winner of this category is the unbeatable Tuff Duck Concrete Countertop Sealer. This potent concrete sealer is designed to penetrate deep into a concrete surface to fix voids and protect it against daily wear and tear.

The best thing about this concrete countertop sealer is that it does not emit any harmful or toxic fumes. However, do not underestimate its performance. This tough sealant works best to protect your beloved countertops without damaging their original texture. It is manufactured with the safest of components to penetrate deep into a concrete surface.

Tuff Duck Concrete Countertop Sealer

Source: ebay.com


The Tuff Duck is easy to use, and even first-time users can conveniently apply the concrete sealer by following application instruction that comes with the product.

That is one of the top-rated water-based sealers for guarding your concrete countertops. Users who are prone to allergy attacks and have young children can safely trust in the composition of this incredible concrete sealer.

The film-forming and non-toxic formula of the chemical lead to thin acrylic layers for guarding the concrete against water staining and acid etching. This concrete sealer is hugely popular among users who look for an affordable way to maintain their concrete surfaces including sinks and countertops.

The Tuff Duff Countertop Sealer has garnered impressive reviews from hundreds of customers on Amazon.com who consider it a great purchase worth every penny. Interested buyers can buy the concrete sealer for just around $26 from Amazon.com.

Best Wet Look Concrete Sealer

Black Diamond Stoneworks Natural Stone Sealer

If you want to give a wet look to your concrete sealer, nothing works like the Black Diamond Stoneworks Natural Stone Sealer. This incredible solution holds a well-known reputation among thousands of homes and businesses. Product features:

  • Water-based and professional-grade glossy concrete sealer
  • plus-circle
    Easy application with a roll, brush or spray
  • plus-circle
    Does not darken surfaces
  • Manufactured in America
  • plus-circle
    Comes with a 100% money back guarantee

Black Diamond is a trusted name in the industry for offering a comprehensive range of beneficial products to cover all types of flooring options. The brand has worked extensively on formulating sealing products for not just a specific kind of surface. But a large number of their products are manufactured to work with a plethora of different types of stone.

The Natural Stone sealer boasts the added advantage of being versatile so you can take care of multiple surfaces at your house or workplace.  A large number of wet-look concrete sealers are produced to cater to decorative surfaces, or surfaces like your garage or driveway. However, the Black Diamond Sealer guarantees equally satisfying results whether you use it inside or outside your home.

Black Diamond Stoneworks Stone Sealer

Source: ebay.com


The fantastic sealer delivers excellent results for adding a classy finish to your surfaces with just a single coat. Since the sealer does not take more than twenty-four hours to produce its effects, people with a busy lifestyle or young children can greatly benefit from the sealer to allow light foot traffic in about eight hours.

This Wet Look Sealer is designed to cover roughly 600 square feet and will enable you to protect all surfaces in your living space quickly. The product is manufactured in the U.S.A. and undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure optimal performance. 

The Black Diamond Wet Look Sealer enjoys mostly positive reviews from hundreds of customers on Amazon.com who praise it for its long-lasting and impressive finish. You can buy it today to protect your block, decorative concrete, stone, slate and sandstone floors and all exterior/interior surfaces such as your driveway or garage.

Best Acrylic Concrete Sealer

5 GAL Armor AR500 Concrete And Paver Sealers

If you are looking for a solvent-based acrylic concrete sealer, then there is none other than The Armor AR500 that seals a sturdy surface to protect it against external elements. The high-quality product penetrates deep into the surface and chemically bonds to the pores of your pavers and concrete surfaces. Product features:

  • Solvent-based acrylic formula
  • plus-circle
    Manufactured to penetrate harsh concrete for leaving a breathable and long-lasting finish
  • plus-circle
    Offers impressive protection against hot/cold temperatures and UV exposure
  • The product claims to provide a high gloss finish for up to 5 years
  • plus-circle
    Brings out true colors in a faded surface
  • plus-circle
    Designed for multiple unsealed surfaces and concrete sealed with a solvent based acrylic

Users love the potent effects of this acrylic based concrete sealer to add a long-lasting and non-yellowing finish to a surface. The breathable finish takes care of all faded or dull surfaces to render a high gloss finish.

It is a U.S.A product. Users find it reasonably convenient to apply the sealer with a sprayer or roller to a surface. The Armor AR500 is a pure and top-rated acrylic lacquer that benefits from a non-toxic composition. This concrete and masonry sealer is superior quality - and contains top-notch resins.

Armor AR500 Concrete Sealer

Source: foundationarmor.com


Customers who have invested in this excellent sealer have nothing but good things to say about this product. The sealer is famous for not just protecting a your concrete but also provides a long-lasting high gloss decorative finish to keep your surfaces fresh and new-looking.

Another great thing about the sealer is that you can apply it to all exterior and interior surfaces. Hence, the solution serves as a multi-purpose sealer to protect your pool decks, garage floors, and basement floors.

Users who are looking for a professional-grade product to improve their garage floor, restaurant floor or workplaces must choose this sealer to offer robust protection against harsh external elements. 

The Armor AR500 by Foundation Armor and offers a robust way to take care of your floors throughout the year. It has received multiple positive reviews from many customers on Amazon. 

Best Penetrating Sealer

Tuff Duck Granite, Grout And Marble Sealer

Looking for a single solution to protect your grout, marble and granite surfaces? The Tuff Duck Sealer currently ranks as the best penetrating sealer to protect your surfaces. It works on grout, granite, and limestone to deliver impressive results for preserving the freshness of your covers. Product features: 

  • Offers ultimate safety against fungus and bacteria to guarantee a healthy life
  • plus-circle
    Ideal for all slate, granite, grout, limestone, travertine as well as concrete surfaces
  • plus-circle
    Does not damage delicate stones or the appearance of your cover
  • Useful results with just a single coat
  • plus-circle
    Offers protection up to 3 years on exterior and five years on interior surfaces
  • plus-circle
    Non-acidic composition
  • plus-circle
    Provides coverage for up to 800 square feet

One of the best things about the sealer is that it is available at an affordable price tag. A trusted name in the industry manufactures this top-rated product. It not only protects your decorative interior and exterior surfaces but also enhances the appearance of your floors.

All homeowners and businesses that do not want to spend a fortune on various renovation costs must choose this strong sealer to maintain the original beauty of their surfaces. Although some users report varying results on dark-colored surfaces, the sealant continues to score rave reviews from both users and critics alike.

Tuff Duck Granite, Grout And Marble Sealer

Source: ebay.com


The Tuff Duck bottle works efficiently on all grout and tiled surfaces. Another great feature of the product is its safe and non-toxic composition. The sealer is safe to use since it benefits from a non-acidic formula. Individuals who are allergic to sealants and chemicals may find it the best sealer for grout and limestone surfaces.

The Tuff Duck Sealer works by penetrating deep into the grout for covering up its natural pores to guard the surface against bacterial growth. Since moisture deteriorates the appearance of your bathroom and kitchen floors, the Tuff Duck solution serves as the product to protect your interior and exterior surfaces from mold and mildew.

The sealer enjoys enormous popularity among buyers who have purchased the product from Amazon.com. If you are looking for a long-lasting sealer for your granite and grout surface, just a gallon bottle of the Tuff Duck Sealer is enough to take care of a sturdy surface. Order it today from Amazon.com for only around $125.

Best Concrete Crack Sealer

Quikrete Concrete Crack Seal Natural

There are many types of crack sealers available on the market. However, most of these products do little to fill and seal the cracks in a concrete surface. Without a doubt, the Quikrete Sealer ranks as the top-rated concrete crack sealer that is available at an affordable price. Product features:

  • Efficiently repairs all cracks in concrete up to 1/2 inch
  • plus-circle
    Smooth and easy application
  • plus-circle
    Its gray color easily blends with your concrete surfaces including driveways, patios, and sidewalks
  • Delivers results in 30 minutes

Its meticulously produced latex emulsion is designed with perfection to take care of all concrete surfaces. The product requires no mixing before application. Just pour the solution, apply and allow it to blend in with the natural tone of the surface.

Quikrete Concrete Crack Seal Natural

Source: homedepot.com


The Quikrete Crack Sealer is for fixing cracks in patios, driveways, sidewalks along with other concrete surfaces. The product has received excellent reviews from multiple users on Amazon.com who praise the sealer's strong composition for sealing horizontal cracks wide up to 1/2 inch. 

Users recommend this concrete crack sealer for its easy application and useful results. 

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Concrete Sealer

Now that you know the best and top-rated concrete sealers to protect various types of surfaces such as driveways, patio's and garage floors make sure check a sealer for the following features before investing your money in a product.  

The Different Types of Sealants

As there are many types of concrete sealers.  To help you choose the best concrete sealer for the job we've gone into more detail in the following categories:

Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Such sealers penetrate deep into the concrete to create chemical bonds. These are efficient sealers to offer maximum protection against external elements and moisture.

Uses: These products are incredible for guarding a surface throughout all seasons. Most of these sealers are breathable and allow moisture from water to escape.

Acrylics Based Sealers

This sealer produces a thin protective film on the surface. Such products are available in both water-based and solvent formulations.

Applying Acrylic Concrete Sealer On Floor

Uses: Offers significant protection against chloride and water intrusion. Solvent-based acrylics deliver better results than water-based concrete sealers for exterior surfaces. Softer acrylic sealers may require multiple coatings of a floor finish solution or wax on indoor surfaces.


These sealers create a protective film on the concrete surface, and you can opt for them in both water-based and solvent formulations. 

Uses: They are thicker than acrylic sealers and feature incredible moisture resistance capabilities.


Create a high-build shielding film on the concrete surface. A large number of these sealers are two-component products that need mixing before application.

Uses - These sealers result in a long-lasting and hard finish. Such sealers also offer an abrasion-resistant finish and are incredibly water repellent.

Penetration Capabilities

Most users are surprised to note only short-term results no matter how expensive a sealer is. The truth is that a concrete sealer's performance depends mainly on its penetration abilities. The more profoundly it goes into a surface, the more protection it offers to guard it against water, daily wear and tear in hot/cold temperatures.

A professional-grade concrete sealer is capable of penetrating deep into the porous nature of a substance. Check reviews and ratings to know if a sealer can seep into the kind of surface you want to seal inside or outside your living space.

Some concrete sealants require just a single application whereas others may need many coasts to penetrate into the concrete. Follow the instructions that come with each product. The best sealers do not just settle on the top of a surface but go deep into it to chemically bond with it.

Penetration depends on the viscosity or thickness of a sealer. Some users believe that an efficient sealer ensures complete locking of moisture to protect a surface. In reality, it can lead to many complications, depending on the environment you live.

Hence, most brands prefer manufacturing breathable sealers that do a great job at protecting the surface without creating any rot or slickness issues.


Spending money on a sealer and applying it brings no benefits if the results are temporary. It is best to use a sealer that is manufactured specially for a particular kind of surface. This way you get long-term results without having to reapply the concrete sealer frequently.

Concrete After Concrete Sealer Treatment

We know that brands mostly advertise their best concrete sealers as efficient ways to offer protection against scuff, UV radiation, dirt and are water repellent. What they fail to promote is the information regarding whether the sealer is designed to withstand car traffic of household chemicals.

Naturally, a sealer that is produced to protect your kitchen sinks and countertops should not be able to deliver the same results on your pavers and driveways.

Follow the application instructions that usually come with a sealer. How you apply a solution can also have a significant effect on the durability of a sealer’s results.

Thanks to the popularity of sealers, many options are exclusively manufactured for countertops, sinks, patios, pavers, and driveways. Choose the right kind of product to deliver the best of results.


Most of today's top-rated sealers claim to be non-slip. However, users may report varying results. Since sealers are for penetrating deep into concrete or natural stone surface, it should smooth out the natural texture of a surface.

Beware of fake products that only settle on the top to add a slippery effect to a surface. Some users include some additive either before the application or with the sealer. However, this can put an additional cost on your sealing project. Choose a concrete sealer that has its non-slip additive.

You can also purchase a non-slip concrete sealer. That is also another measure of the quality of a sealer. The more penetrating and useful it is the less smooth finish it gives to a surface.


There is no ‘best' finish when it comes to a concrete sealer. If you desire a sleek and shiny look, you can shop for a wet-look sealer that adds a glossy finish to any surface. People who prefer a subtle shine that enhances the beauty of their surfaces usually opts for a semi-gloss finish.

A satin finish guarantees a smoother appearance whereas a matte finish exudes elegance. Many of the best decorative concrete sealers deliver a matte finish for a natural look. Such a finish does not reflect light and allows rich textures and colors of the substrate to shine on their own.

Non-Toxic Composition

Make sure that your choice of concrete sealer does not feature any toxic or harmful compounds that can leave detrimental effects on the well-being of your children. However, a large number of advanced sealers are non-acidic materials. A concrete or crack sealer that does not emit any fumes or a strong smell is usually considered safer choice to use - but make sure to check the labeling.

Applying Non Toxic Concrete Sealer


Stains, erosion, and cracks can deteriorate any surface. Sealers provide a protective layer on not just for concrete and cement but also several other kinds of surfaces. If you are looking to cut down home repair and renovation costs, investing in a professional grade and good quality sealer goes a long way for maintaining your interior and exterior surfaces without spending a fortune.

Your driveways, patios, pavers, sinks, countertops and tiled floors can last much longer when you apply a good quality sealer for protection. This way you can add more value and durability to your workplace or house.

Lastly, the best concrete sealer is the one that suits your specific needs and fits into your budget. There are a wide range of concrete sealers are available, and many are designed specifically for your requirements. Be sure to follow our buying guide to make the best decision.

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