Rock Doctor Granite Sealer Review 

 June 13, 2020

By  Dale Keese

If you use granite, marble, or other natural stones in your kitchen countertop, you know that these investments don’t come cheap.

Since you’re already investing a serious amount of money into your countertop, why not do what’s needed to protect it? You can do so by using an effective yet inexpensive granite sealer.

Rock Doctor Granite Sealer

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Granite, by nature, is moisture-resistant but that doesn’t mean that it’s resistant to moisture. This is especially true for countertops, which are one of the most frequently used surfaces in any home. All those hours of prepping food will inevitably leak moisture into your surface.

As a result, your precious granite or natural stone surface can have stains and etches that last a long time. That’s not even including the spills and dirt, which are such a pain to clean. If you’ve ever seen what red wine or grape juice can do to natural stone, you know what we’re talking about.

If you don’t know what these colored liquids can do to natural stone – trust us, you don’t want to know.

Be that homeowner who is one step ahead by using a granite sealer.

Best of all, the job of granite sealing can be done by yourself in a professional manner. In fact, you can probably do this DIY project even better than a contractor, at a fraction of the cost!

The Rock Doctor Granite Sealer is the product for the job. This powerful formula penetrates deeply on granite, marble, and other types of natural stone to give you excellent protection from moisture and damaging elements.

Whether you use natural stone such as granite in your countertops or other surfaces of your home, you should consider using the Rock Doctor Granite Sealer.

Here’s why:

It’s effective: The Rock Doctor Granite Sealer comes in a new and improved formula designed for deep penetration for natural stone. This is how it effectively provides long-lasting protection from hazards such as stains and moisture, while retaining its natural beauty.

It’s long-lasting: One application of the Rock Doctor Granite Sealer will keep your granite protected from hazards for 12 up to 18 months. Imagine how easy and time-saving it is to keep your natural stone investments looking and performing their best?

It’s water-based: The water-based formula of this sealer ensures that it’s 100% safe for all natural stone surfaces. Because of this, it can also be used for grout.

It’s cost-efficient: Just one bottle of this sealer can cover as much as 100 square feet of granite, marble or other natural stone. Not only does it save you time, but it saves you money too!  

How To Use 

Using the Rock Doctor Granite Sealer is so easy! Even if you’ve never touched a sealer before, doing this job yourself is a piece of cake.

First, you should remove all debris from the surface area. It’s recommended to use a granite cleaner for the best results. Once the surface has been cleaned, shake the can well. Do a test on a small part of the surface, and be sure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Now, it’s time to apply: hold the can around 6 to 8 inches away from the surface, and spray Rock Doctor Granite Sealer on the area. Allow it to stand for up to three minutes, then wipe it dry using a paper towel or clean cotton cloth.

Allow the surface to dry completely by letting it stand for another 30 minutes.

That’s it!

What Others Are Saying

If you, like us, needed proof that Rock Doctor Granite Sealer is among the best granite sealers in the market, then the best thing to do is to read the reviews. We wanted to see what people who used this sealer had to say about it, so we took it to the internet.

Online reviews of the Rock Doctor Granite Sealer are nothing short of gleaming: customers clearly love this product. Some have written about trying other kinds of granite sealers in the past, and while they got the job done, they say that the Rock Doctor Granite Sealer makes a huge difference in performance and how it leaves natural stone looking beautiful.

Customers are also raving about its great price points and how easy it is to use. After all, you only need to clean the surface, let it dry, apply the product, let it sit, wipe dry, and it’s done! You know you did the right thing when water beads up instead of soaking into the surface.

However, a handful of customers noticed that only part of their granite sealer was sealed effectively. They noticed that some parts made water bead up, while others soaked in water. To prevent this, it’s always best to follow directions to the tee.

If you want to see what a difference Rock Doctor Granite Sealer can make, it must be said that directions should be followed. Provided that you do, you can be sure that it does a terrific job!

Buying Advice

Some homeowners had to go through trying many different granite sealers before discovering the Rock Doctor Granite Sealer. That’s a lot of time and money down the drain. If you want to be a step ahead, you can rely on the Rock Doctor Granite Sealer. It can conveniently be shipped to your doorstep if you order on Amazon today, so check out the sellers online.

Final Verdict

Natural stone is a beautiful addition to any home, especially granite and marble. They don’t come cheap, though, so it’s up to you to take care of them. Sealing your natural stone with a top-notch product should be your priority, and using the Rock Doctor Granite Sealer is the best decision you can make for your investment.

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