Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector Review 

 June 30, 2023

By  Dale Keese

Using granite in your home will undoubtedly change the way you live.

After all, granite is a natural stone that is both beautiful and durable – provided that you take care of it. And if you do, your granite investments will last you a very long time.

But what exactly do we mean by taking care of your granite? 

TriNova Granite Sealer and Protector

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The answer is using a granite sealer. It is the number one way to ensure your granite is clean and stays strong for years to come.

Think about it: granite is usually used in kitchen countertops, which we all know is extremely prone to wear and tear. That’s not all: granite countertops are also vulnerable to stains including those from wine and coffee, as well as those you can’t see.

You also have to consider the fact that granite naturally has tiny holes which require sealing, otherwise, oils and liquids can accumulate in these porous holes and ruin its appearance. 

Over time, stains will degrade the aesthetics of your granite if you omit using a sealer.

That’s why using a good-quality sealer is so important.

Not just any sealer will do. If you prefer to scrimp and save a few bucks with a poor-quality sealer, your precious granite can only end up getting ruined much quicker than you thought. 

Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector is a top-of-the-line product designed especially for homeowners who are serious about granite protection and sealing.

You might already be familiar with Trinova, a brand synonymous to high-quality specialized products that are designed to restore and maintain your valuables. From granite cleaners and sealers to products that are created to clean every single crevice of your coffee maker, leather shoes, or shower door.

Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector Back View

Source: goldeagle.com

Trinova’s commitment to upholding the value and beauty of your investments also rings true for Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector. 

But that’s not the only reason you should consider this product if you need a sealer. Its unique solution makes it a far cry from others found in the market today. It’s ultra-caring and extremely protective formula makes this the ideal product for all your natural stone surfaces: granite, marble, quartzite, and even soapstone can benefit from Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector.


  • It’s what the professionals use: If you want to know the secret of professionals who are paid hundreds of dollars just to seal granite, it’s Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector. This product is used for sealing granite and marble for the first time, as well as resealing surfaces which always helps for long-lasting protection.
  • Enhances the beauty of your natural stone: The formula of this sealer works wonders in enhancing the natural beauty of your stone to create a polished look. But beyond aesthetics, it also creates an invisible shield from stains, which is especially useful for granite used in bath and shower tiles. These are notorious for being the most difficult to clean, but with Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector you have peace of mind.
  • Powerful anti-stain formula: The Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector is formulated with powerful polymers that penetrate deeply into the porous surface of your natural stone. As a result, it effectively prevents stains from making it past the surface. That’s not all, it also leaves a protective, invisible layer on your natural stone that prevents water from leaving spots while other types of residue can no longer stick.

In other words, Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector does a terrific job at stain protection and enhancing the natural gloss and shine of your granite.

How To Use

Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector is really easy to use. All you need to do is spray some onto the surface, use clean, dry cloth to buff it, and wait around 2-3 minutes.

Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector In Use

You can also use a portable electric fan to help the product dry much quicker. Once it’s dry, use a dry cloth to buff it even more. You’ll have the best results if you use a microfiber rag, which has been known to enhance the gloss and shine of any natural stone after sealing and cleaning.

Don’t use your granite surfaces just yet: allow Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector to work its magic by waiting around an hour or more. After this time, the gloss will reveal itself and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your granite looks!

What Others Are Saying

So, how well exactly does Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector work? We took to the internet to read customer reviews in order to find out.

To keep it short and simple: homeowners LOVE this product. 

They cite many reasons: great price, great results, and easy to use. What else could you ask for in a granite sealer? There were some reviews from homeowners who had many issues with water-stained granite surfaces for a long time until they discovered Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector, so if this sounds like you, then you know that this will finally do the job. 

However, some homeowners found that it simply did not work, despite all the gleaming reviews online. The thing is, when it comes to sealers and cleaners like Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector, it’s critical to follow the instructions carefully. 

As long as you follow the procedure indicated on the bottle, and do a little buffing with a microfiber cloth, you should get the same results homeowners are raving about.

Buying Advice

Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector gives you professional care results. 

At the end of the day, this means a serious amount of money saved which would otherwise go to labor. You also get much more out of your granite investments when you take care of it with the right product.

Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector can be delivered to your doorstep when you order it from an online retailer. Amazon has got some good offers going on for sealers and cleaners, so you might want to check them out.

Final Verdict

Granite is a beautiful addition to any home. While it’s generally low maintenance, you also need to do your part with the occasional sealing and cleaning. Trust Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector to get the job done right, and save money along the way.

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